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Electric Car History

What was the First Electric Car? The electric car history is long and fascinating, dating back to the early 1800s. While electric cars have been around for centuries, they have only recently begun to gain widespread popularity. This is due in part to advances in battery technology, which have made electric cars more practical and…

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How to clear cache on a Chromebook

How to clear cache on Chromebook

Chromebooks are a type of laptop that runs the Chrome OS operating system. It was developed by Google. Chromebooks save temporary data to speed up browsing and applications performance, just like any other computer. The cache can get bloated over time and lead to slow loading times and frequent crashes. Clearing cache on Chromebooks is an easy process…

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Finding a groove new minor in music technology hits all the right notes union college

The sounds of a digital musical composition filled the Music Technology Studio in the Taylor Music Center. As students absorbed the 90-second track, Chris Chandler encouraged them to listen carefully to what they heard. He wanted them to identify the attributes or characteristics of the student-created piece. “Think about sound, harmony, melody, rhythm and growth,”…

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Why That John Fetterman Interview Caused a Furor

Sign up for the Opinion Today newsletter  Get expert analysis of the news and a guide to the big ideas shaping the world every weekday morning. Get it sent to your inbox. This week, John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the Senate from Pennsylvania, appeared in what NBC News billed as his first on-camera, one-on-one interview since he had…

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