Disenchanted’s first trailer looks like all of Disney’s evil witch stories rolled into one

A medium shot of a redheaded woman in a crimson ready ball gown holding a wand while sitting in what appears to be a luxurious carriage lit by candles.
Amy Adams as Giselle in Disenchanted. | Disney

While Enchanted was a surprisingly inspired riff on the studio’s archetypical princess fairytales, Disenchanted, director Adam Shankman’s upcoming sequel to the movie, looks like a straightforward redux of Disney’s recent stories about witches fiddling with reality in its first trailer.

Disenchanted continues the tale of Giselle Philip (Amy Adams), the former princess-to-be of the animated kingdom of Andalasia who left her magical, sing-song life behind in Enchanted in order to marry divorce attorney Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) in the “real” world. Though Giselle was all too happy to join Robert in his world, and she doesn’t entirely regret leaving her life as a princess behind, Disenchanted spotlights how there are some things about…

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