Google is discontinuing support for the standalone Street View app and pulling it from app stores

An illustration of Google’s multicolor “G” logo
Did you know Google had a separate Street View Map? I didn’t. | Illustration: The Verge

Google will be pulling the standalone Street View app from app stores in the “coming weeks” and discontinuing support for the app in March 2023, spokesperson Madison Gouveia confirmed in a statement to The Verge. 9to5Google first spotted evidence in a recent update indicating the search giant was planning to move on from the app.

The dedicated Street View app, available on both Android and iOS, lets you check out places on Google Maps with Street View and contribute 360-degree imagery, or what Google calls “photo spheres,” to help make Street View better. But you can also use Street View in the main Google Maps app and contribute 360 imagery with the Street View Studio web app. That all makes the separate app somewhat redundant, and…

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