Night of the dead adds new-graphics options and rest interaction in update 08 player-one

A new update for Night of the Dead was deployed after three months. Update 08 brings system changes, optimizations, and bug fixes.

Let’s start with one of the best parts of the update: the new graphics options. Developers added DirectX 11, DirectX 12, Anti-Aliasing Techniques TAA, and FSR options to the game. Both DirectX 11 and 12 options can offer performance improvements on many machines. However, the DX12 support is noted as “experimental,” so you need to test both options to see which works well with your machine.

Players with high-end systems should have no issues maxing out all the graphics options. If anti-aliasing is your thing, expect more AA techniques to come in future updates. But those running on mid-range systems or lower should experiment with the best combinations. They may consider lowering AA to get more FPS.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Rest interaction that allows players to regain health over time. They can use sleeping bags, beds, and chairs to get some rest after battling the undead.

Night of the Dead Update 08


  •  Flag optimization
  •  Map optimization
  •  Fishing Place optimization
  •  Destructible Objects optimization
  •  Worldmap optimization


  •  Fixed some awkward translations.
  •  Some untranslated content will be applied later.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed in which achievements related to journal acquisition, escape, and equipment upgrade could not be performed properly.
  • Fixed that objects (natural and artificial) did not regenerate properly.
  • Fixed that natural objects were respawned even in the presence of the player’s building.
  • Fixed the animation did not play properly when another player has equipped a Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed the bullet marks left where the character was hit.
  • Fixed awkward collision detection for some buildings.
  • Fixed the server’s UI would turn off when the client died.
  • Fixed the UI that was open that did not turn off properly when the client died.
  • Fixed that the client’s experience was not saved properly.
  • Fixed that the reforge of trap modifications did not work properly in the client.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when accessing the game through the Steam Friends Overlay.
  • Fixed that the car’s door did not disappear even though the client interaction was normally performed.
  • Fixed that Wave’s Giant Zombie did not spawn properly.
  • Fixed that the wave starts when the activated “No Wave” setting is deactivated.

You can read more about the update here.

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