Xiaomi concept clips a full-size Leica lens onto a smartphone

A Leica M-series lens attached to Xiaomi’s 12S Ultra.
The mounting system attaches a Leica M-series lens to Xiaomi’s phone. | Image: Agatha Tang

Xiaomi’s new concept phone allows a full size Leica camera lens to be attached to the back of a prototype version of its 12S Ultra. The version of the smartphone released earlier this year is already notable for having a 1-inch-type camera sensor on its rear, which is far larger than those typically used in phones and more in line with what you might find in a compact standalone camera. Xiaomi’s new concept gives it both a secondary 1-inch sensor, as well as a full size lens to match.

In a teaser trailer, Xiaomi shows how the concept is designed to work with lenses in Leica’s M-series lineup. The Chinese tech giant previously collaborated with Leica to co-develop the camera system used in the 12S Ultra, which GSMArena reports included…

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